Organic Cafe & Private Pool Villa

PACHAMAMA (Gili Life Magazine Oct 2017 Issue)

Love for Food - Love for Mother Earth

People worldwide are now becoming more conscious of the food they eat and its impact on their health, more interested in where it comes from and how it is produced. It's not just a trend; there are many reasons behind the shift toward healthy foods, and organic and locally sourced produce.

Maintaining a healthy & sustainable diet whilst travelling can sometimes be challenging. But the health food movement has arrived on Gili Air and is here to stay, with several great options available around the island. We recommend Pachamama Organic in Gili Air for delicious, healthy, locally sourced food that will have your taste buds singing praise!

Walk inland from the beach on the north east side of Gili Air, via the alleyway between Kaluku and Orong, take the first right and you will find Pachamama, nestled amongst a field of coconut palms. Pachamama specialises in fresh, healthy food prepared without the use of MSG, palm oil or refined sugar. Everything is prepared fresh, including the sauces, nut milk, peanut butter, kombucha, vegan cheese, and raw vegan sweeties. Owners Jill & Jimi have created delicious gluten free, vegan, vegetarian and paleo dishes - and soon ketogenic options. Indeed, the menu at Pachamama details the basic nutritional elements of each drink or meal. "We designed the menu this way so that people could understand more about the food they are eating and how it can support their health", Jill & Jimi explained.

Owners Jill & Jimi were compelled to serve organic, fresh and healthy food, because they missed it themselves when they moved to the island 6 years ago. "We missed cooking, and we missed good, fresh food". Jill and Jimi also share a passion for finding new ways to cook with traditional, local ingredients. "We try to avoid importing ingredients, its time-consuming, expensive and unreliable, and it does not celebrate the vast array of delicious ingredients available locally.” They explained. In fact, choosing local over imported products also supports local economies, and reduces costly transport & pollution.

“We love using ingredients unique to this part of the world. We don't cook them in a traditional style; people can try something new & interesting, like our fern bowl which features stir fried fiddlehead fern tips, our papaya seed infused balsamic dressing, or our fresh portu salad. We support small local producers, which means our menu changes seasonally to include variety of produce".

Adjacent to the restaurant, yet totally private, is Villa Pachamama, a magical 2 bedroom dome villa featuring a natural stone plunge pool, a tropical garden and a wide shaded terrace. Think whitewashed, bohemian paradise. "People love the unique architecture and the trippy acoustics!" Pachamama also features a new gift shop showcasing local swimwear label KARTINI, and an eclectic mix of Indonesian textiles, homewares, jewellery, natural skincare and organic raw cacao products.

Pachamama for all!

Don't be surprised to find a burger on the menu as well! Not just any burger though: made on a home baked bun, layered with homemade pickles, Jimi's secret smokey burger sauce, all the salad trimmings you could dream of, and a side of golden potato cubes panfried in pure coconut oil! "Even though we are focused on healthy, fresh food - it is also important to us that Pachamama is an inclusive place, where everyone can find something they like on the menu and enjoy eating together here". Pachamama is open daily from 10am to 10pm for breakfast, lunch & dinner.

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