Organic Cafe & Private Pool Villa


Some of Our Favorites —


Nutty Dragon

Frozen banana & dragon fruit blended with homemade cashew mylk, vanilla peanut butter & dates - topped with chia seeds. Packed full of energy, calcium, folate & magnesium.



Fresh watermelon blended with mint leaves and chia seeds. Reduces inflammation & neutralizes free radicals. Lasting hydration, high in potassium & omega 3. 


Cardamom Tea

Pachamama's blend of crushed cardamom pods, black pepper corns, organic cinnamon powder & cloves with fresh ginger - served with lime cheeks and honey. Aids digestion & detoxification, relieves congestion. 


Granola Bowl

Homemade yoghurt topped with Pachamama's oven roasted granola, fresh seasonal fruit, dried coconut & goji berries.


Tempeh Nasi Bowl

Steamed organic red rice tossed w/ shredded water spinach, fresh tomato, roasted beetroot, vegan basil pesto, topped w/ tempeh cubes, roasted pumpkin & sunflower seeds, coriander-yoghurt sauce & lime.


Mushroom Burrito

Warm tortilla w/ lettuce, spiralised beetroot & carrot, panfried mushrooms, coriander-yoghurt dressing & toasted pumpkin seeds - served w/ a side salad & tangy sumac dressing.



Green Goodness

Frozen banana, avocado & water spinach leaves blended with fresh coconut water & dates - topped with chia seeds. Good source of oleic acid, potassium, manganese, vitamin k & b vitamins.


Papaya Healer 

Blended frozen banana & papaya topped with dried coconut. Rich source of antioxidants, vitamin c, b vitamins, folate, potassium & magnesium. 

Organic Ashitaba Tea

Aka the 'longevity herb' - aids immunity, regulates blood pressure & cholesterol levels, anti-bacterial properties, aids healing of gastric ulcers. 



Green Scramble

Scrambled eggs topped with sautéed onion, water spinach & basil leaves, sprinkled with toasted sunflower & pumpkin seeds - served with wholewheat toast.


Island Salad

Lettuce leaves, shredded cabbage, soaked seaweed, carrot & beetroot spirals, basil leaves, toasted pumpkin & sunflower seeds, drizzled w/ tangy sumac dressing & pure sesame oil, w/ sides of fresh salsa, vegan basil pesto, dates & cashew nuts.


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